How Can Lutein Improve Your Gaming Skills?

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How Can Lutein Improve Your Gaming Skills?

The benefits of lutein for eye health have been studied for many years. It is one of 600 known naturally occurring carotenoids (also known as pigments) and is found in high quantities of green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach and yellow carrots. Although the role of Lutein in the body is currently not known, it is absorbed into the macula (the area of the eye concerned with high-acuity vision) and studies have shown that it can improve eye health, visual acuity and improve peripheral vision. Not only does it help the eyes, it’s also been shown to have important anti-oxidant properties in the body too – protecting cells from free radical damage. There are also no known toxic effects for taking lutein supplements – seems like a win-win!

So why is Lutein important to gamers? A recent set of research performed by HP showed that gamers at the top level have hand-eye co-ordination similar that of professional table-tennis players. Furthermore, when tracking eye movements, the professional players have high use of their peripheral vision – using it to both track important ‘objectives’ on screen and read their opponents’ movements.

"Gaming is a mind sport and the eyes are a crucial component of that machine."

 A footballer will look after their muscles so therefore it makes sense that a gamer should seek to look after their primary weapon – the mind! Lutein is one of the crucial components in protecting and enhancing vision in gamers; not only is it shown to protect against diseases like macular degeneration – it also has enhancement qualities, like that of peripheral vision.

Lutein can also help your average gamer! Most competitive mers will know that reading a “mini-map” is an important part of improving at the game. All games require the player to be engaged across all areas of the screen, from Destiny 2 with the HUD radar to League of Legends with the mini-map. Eye movement is an important aspect in absorbing information on screen, however, the better your peripheral vision is, the more information you can glean without taking your focus away from your primary vision centre.

More and more people are starting to take lutein in supplements or increase it in their diet. As we age, our eyes degenerate and it is important to take steps to protect them – especially as a gamer. The average career of a gamer ends at around 27 years old, usually due to poor performance. Could caring for the gamer’s brain, and their eyes, help extend their careers? Keeping the mind in razor sharp conditions could allow players to extend their high performance for many years allowing them to push their careers to new heights.

"The next step in gaming health is finding ways to enhance and protect the mind."

The next step in gaming health is finding ways to enhance and protect the mind. Lutein is one of the ingredients that can achieve this and in combination with other brain health products could help improve longevity in a gamer’s career.

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