Welcome Aboard ExceL Esports | Neubria Nootropics

Welcome Aboard ExceL Esports | Neubria Nootropics

Welcome aboard exceL Esports!

We are delighted to announce our new partnership with team exceL eSports! As their new sponsor, we will be following their progress with our brain health supplement specially formulated for gaming - Neubria Zone. This will include video logs of the teams progress from their very own gaming centre – the Omen House – as well as interviews and updates from exceL's talented individuals. We will also be working with them to promote a healthy lifestyle away from the screen so that they as prepared, both in mind and body, for optimal performance when the pressure is on.

Even when the pressure isn't on, playing video games calls upon a diverse skillset from the brain – memory, attention, co-ordination and reaction times to name but a few. Maintaining a sharp eye on mini-maps and radars whilst staying in the game for a sustained period can be a challenge for the brain.

Recent studies have shown that high-level gamers possess the same level of hand-eye co-ordination as a professional table-tennis player. With that in mind, we have formulated Zone with ingredients that have been scientifically shown to support cognitive function and visual health:


Zone's Key Ingredients:


  • A naturally occurring carotenoid (pigment) absorbed into the macula (the area of the eye concerned with high-acuity vision).
  • Known to improve peripheral vision, visual acuity and general eye health.
  • Important anti-oxidant properties are also known to protect cells from free-radical damage.


  • Another common carotenoid found in green plant leaves, where they act to modulate light energy.
  • Zeaxanthin is the primary component in the central macula, which a pigmented area in human eyes near the centre of the retina.
  • It has been shown to protect against damage to the eye from both natural and unnatural light.

Zone also contains a selection of multi-vitamins that may otherwise escape those who are gaming indoors for long periods of time!


Make no mistake: playing video games entails staring at a screen, inactive, for long periods of time. Neubria's mission is to spread the message and educate on the importance of a healthy body and a healthy mind away from the screen for all gamers – professional or not.


As career opportunities, prize pools and the wider world of video gaming grows - so does the competition. This is why the professional teams of eSports leagues are recruiting psychologists, fitness trainers and nutritionists in order to optimise their players for peak performance when it counts. Sharing the belief that a healthy lifestyle is essential in order to improve gaming skills, our partnership with team excel was a no brainer:


In addition to their monthly supply of Zone supplements, we will be following exceL’s gaming progress while following the lifestyle guidelines included as part of their pack. These have been tailored to suit the lifestyle of a gamer and help support their physical and mental wellbeing. It includes expert advice on maintaining a healthy posture and minimising repetitive stress injuries, as well as other key lifestyle factors such as exercise, diet and sleep. Studies show that exercise, diet and other lifestyle factors can increase cognitive abilities such as attention, motor skills and visual processing. Over the next few months, we will be checking in on a regular basis to see how such changes away from the screen are helping them when it is time to play!

Our partnership is the first step to ensuring that the world of gaming, as it continues its rise, is a fit and healthy one. 

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