Active Mind Bundle
Active Mind Bundle
Active Mind Bundle

Active Mind Bundle

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Keep your mind clear and mental performance sharp with Neubria Edge and our sustainable, fast-absorbing omega-3 from krill oil.

Our brains govern every process in our bodies, every thought, every action and reflex. We talk about brain power, probably without thinking about just how much work brains do.

To help support your memory and brain, we’ve created our active mind kit. It contains Neubria Spark to help improve focus, concentration and memory, as well as Neubria Krill, rich in Omega-3 DHA it plays a key role in optimal brain function as well as in healthy hearts and eyes.

The Active Mind Bundle contains:

- Neubria Spark – Memory Supplement

- Neubria Krill – Omega 3 Supplement

All products contain 60 capsules which is a 30-day supply.

A caffeine-free supplement for memory and focus.

Improvements to your focus and concentration.

A daily vitamin blend to support physical and mental health.

A vegan-friendly supplement.

A superior source of omega-3.

High levels of EPA and DHA.

100% sustainable source.

Naturally GMO-free.