Power Up Bundle
Power Up Bundle
Power Up Bundle

Power Up Bundle

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Sustaining energy levels all day, every day so that you can stay sharper for longer..
Two targeted products that work together to give you a boost throughout the day. Perfect for when you need to flick the on-switch, and it stay on. To bring your a-game for longer.

The Power Up Bundle contains:

- Neubria Charge – Energy Supplement

- Neubria Edge – Focus Supplement

Both products contain 60 capsules which is a 30-day supply.

A kick-start to your focus and concentration when you need it most.

The best from your mental performance.

Support for your eye health against the effects of blue light from computer screens.

The essential multivitamins and minerals you need every day to boost your immunity and nourish your brain.

A vegan-friendly supplement.

A powerful pick-me-up without the comedown of caffeine. 

Sustained energy release throughout the day.

Plant-based blend for energy without the crash. 

Reduced fatigue and tiredness

Support for your physical and mental alertness throughout the day.

A vegan-friendly supplement.