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We're delighted to fuel elite athletes from a wide range of sports, helping them hit their training and competition goals on a daily basis. We only work with athletes who genuinely use our products to support their sleep, energy and focus. Find out what they have to say about Neubria below.

Lerone Murphy
UFC Fighter

“Sleep is crucial for my sport, I have to be ready to go everyday. Neubria Drift gives me what I need to get those hours in for sleep and i wake up recuperated and ready to go again, the extra % makes all the difference”.

Izzy Christiansen
England Lioness

“I’ve been taking Neubria charge before training and matches to replace coffee and other caffeine supplements. Charge gives me a more sustainable boost of energy without the crash I get with coffee, it makes feel more alert.”

Liam Pitchford
GB Table Tennis

I'm finding the Charge tablets really good. I take them before my morning practice and can practice the whole 3 hour sessions without feeling a dip In energy levels that sometimes I can normally encounter."

Josh Charnley
England & Warrington

“Sleep is integral to how I perform at training and in matches.  Neubria Drift has transformed my sleep patterns, I feel well rested and refreshed when I wake. Drift is an important part of my evening routine, I don’t go a night without taking it."

Enaam Ahmed
Formula 3 Driver

“I love using the Neubria products, as a driver it’s crucial for my body, mental and cognitive functions are on point. Since getting the correct botanicals I have noticed a boost in my everyday performance.”

Beth Shriever

"I’ve always struggled sleeping when approaching and during race weekends, Neubria Sleep helps me get a better night sleep allowing me to have better recovery and to feel fresh for racing or training!"

Leon Fricker
Pro Golfer

"I have been using the Energy, Focus and Sleep supplements and I have already noticed a huge difference in my rest, my ability to wake up and my focus and concentration levels during practice and on the course."

Keely Hodgkinson
British 800m Champion

"I enjoy taking Neubria charge it’s given me a really good energy boost for training and I’m looking forward to further implementing them into my running in the future."

Mike Haley
Ireland Rugby Union

"I've enjoyed using neubria charge as an alternative to coffee in the morning before training sessions, felt a huge increase in my energy levels and I will be using it for the foreseeable."

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