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Our Complete Performance Pack combines Neubria Edge, our expertly formulated mental performance product, with Neubria Charge, our best-selling energy formula. Together, they ensure you stay ahead of your competition and unlock your true potential.

Why choose the Complete Performance Pack?

The Complete Performance Pack provides a great way to purchase our cutting edge mental performance product, Neubria Edge and our best selling energy supplement, Neubria Charge at an unbeatable price - 20% cheaper than the RRP. Neubria Edge is an innovative nootropic supplement that has been carefully for people looking for a performance advantage. It includes a multivitamin base and a selection of ingredients that have been shown to enhance focus, improve cognitive function and concentration levels. Neubria Charge, is a premium energy supplement that will deliver an immediate energy boost but without the jitters associated with other caffeine based products.

Who is it designed for?

This product bundle has been designed for sports men and women, business executives and anybody whose daily activity requires a high standard of mental performance.

Can I take the two products together?

Yes you can - Neubria Edge is a caffeine free product which has been designed to form part of your daily health routine. Neubria Charge is there for those moments when you need a quick boost ahead of a serious gym session or an important meeting.

How do I achieve the best results?

Take Neubria Edge every morning after breakfast for a minimum of 8 weeks and take Neubria Charge 30 mins before the desired results.


Save 20% on the RRP

Contains all recommended daily vitamins and minerals

Supports optimal mental performance

Provides you with an energy boost when you need it

At Neubria we take product quality and safety extremely seriously. All our products have been formulated to Pharma GMP standards and in line with MHRA (Medicine and Health Regulatory Authority) standards. These measures guarantee premium quality.