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Supplement for Gamers


Our advanced gaming supplement has been specially formulated by doctors and scientists to support the brain and eye health of those who spend a lot of time gaming / in front of the screen!

Get in the Zone! 

60 Capsules - 30 Days Supply 


Why Choose Neubria Zone?

Neubria Zone is the first advanced brain health supplement designed for gamers. Gamers demand a lot from their brains and Neubria Zone has been expertly formulated to protect and support vision, improve mental speed and cognition and enhance focus and memory.

The premium ingredients included in Neubria Zone have been carefully selected on the basis of extensive scientific research.

Who is Neubria Zone designed for?

Neubria Zone has been designed specifically with gamers in mind. Gaming can ask as much of your brain as complex physical sports, if not more, with additional problem solving elements and none of the assistive benefits of natural light and bloodflow. To help gamers sustain peak performance and protect the longevity of their brain function, we’ve created a supplement full of the core ingredients necessary to operate at your best and continue pushing to the next level.

What makes Neubria Zone unique?

Neubria Zone contains our cutting-edge Level Up Botanical Complex - an advanced blend of three powerful botanical ingredients selected for properties shown to boost the core cognitive processes of gaming. The complex includes Blueberry Extract, Ginkgo Biloba and Pycnogenol® (Maritime Pine Bark Extract), all of which have demonstrated positive effects on brainpower.

In addition to the unique botanical complex, our product team have included vitamins Cognizin®, Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Clinically tested for efficacy, Cognizin® supplies your brain with the energy it needs to keep you feeling sharp, while Lutein and Zeaxanthin are thought to improve vision by filtering out harmful UV rays. We’ve also given Neubria Zone a further boost by adding 22 vitamins and minerals.

How do I achieve the best results?

We advise that you take 2 capsules daily and follow the tips in our FREE Guide for smarting gaming, included with your capsules. Some customers will notice a difference within a month but we do advise that the longer you take it, the sharper your gaming performance will be.

  • The UK's first brain health supplement for gamers
  • Helps to improve your mental speed and cognition
  • Protects and supports your vision
  • Improves focus and memory
  • Includes our natural level up botanical complex
  • Limited Edition gift box packaging
  • Vegan Friendly
Suggested Use

Take 2 capsules daily with food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Recommended intake should not be exceeded.



Pycnogenol® is a patented form of French Maritime Pine Bark Extract found to contain a unique combination of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and phenolic acids. Studies in the younger population have found that this natural extract can improve memory and focus, resulting in a growing reputation. Research also links Pycnogenol® to improved eye health.


Lutein and Zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants from the carotenoid family, with Lutein being the primary carotenoid found in the central area of the retina (the macular area). Studies have shown Lutein to be a key ingredient in the protection of eye health and Zeaxanthin has been shown to protect against damage from both natural and unnatural light. Looking at screens for long periods of time can seriously damage the eyes, so these two ingredients will help support and protect your eyesight during long and intense gaming sessions.


We’ve all heard how good blueberries are for us but if you’re a gamer, the benefits of blueberries come into their own. Blueberry extract supports visual clarity and retinal function, maintains eye health and supports blood flow to the eye. As a natural antioxidant, it also defends against free radical damage.


Also known as maidenhair, this ancient plant extract has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It can be linked to improved mental performance and increased focus, thanks to its ability to increase blood flow to the brain and boost neurotransmitters.


Cognizin® has been demonstrated to positively impact cognitive ability. It helps users to stay sharp and maintain focus, effects which are especially beneficial to gamers.


Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, which means it can be produced by the body as well as being gained through food. Known to be involved in neurotransmitter production, this powerful amino acid has long been associated with improved focus.

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Esports Broadcaster and Ex-pro Gamer

"Neubria Zone is specifically designed to support the mind and the eyes to bring out the best gamer in you."

Rosendo “Send0o” Fuentes Boveda

Rosendo “Send0o” Fuentes Boveda

League of Legends Top Laner

"As a professional esports athlete, it always helps to stay one step ahead of the competition no matter what. I believe it as important to be as healthy in mind as in body in order to play to one’s full potential. With Neubria as exceL’s new health sponsor, I have no doubt that my own performance and therefore the performance of the team will improve exponentially."



General Practitioner

"Zone contains Leutein and Meso-Zeaxanthin which have been shown to improve visual performance and reduce the frequency of headaches and eye strain."

Ingredient Type Amount
Vitamin A 400mcg RE
Vitamin D 10mcg
Vitamin E 9mga-TE
Vitamin K2 90mcg
Vitamin C 40mg
Thiamin Vitamin B1 2.1mg
Riboflavin Vitamin B2 2.4mg
Niacin Vitamin B3 27mg NE
Vitamin B6 3mg
Folic Acid 300mcg
Vitamin B12 4.5mcg
Biotin 25mcg
Pantothenic Acid Vitamin B5 9mg

Ingredient Type Amount
Zinc 7.7mg
Selenium 27mcg
Chromium 20mcg
Iron 7.2mg
Manganese 1mg
Magnesium 54mg
Copper 500mcg
Molybdenum 25mcg
Iodine 150mcg
Cognizin 40mg
Lutein 5mg
Zeaxanthin 1mg
Tyrosine 100mg
Level Up Botanical Complex*** 14800mg
***Consisting off Blueberry (4:1) Extract; Gingkgo Biloba (50:1) Extract; Pycnogenol (1000:1) Extract

At Neubria we take product quality and safety extremely seriously. All our products have been formulated to Pharma GMP standards and in line with MHRA (Medicine and Health Regulatory Authority) standards. These measures guarantee premium quality.