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Knowing How To Boost The Immune System Begins With The Food You Eat

10 Immune Boosting Foods You'll Love

Whether it’s the middle of winter or the height of summer, it’s important to know how to strengthen your immune system. For preventing flus, colds or if you’re already feeling under the weather, your first stop should always be the supermarket.

It’s important you give your body the nutrients it needs to perform effectively, not only keeping you healthy, but also helping to crank-up energy levels, enhance your brain power and combat fatigue.

Plan your meals and make sure they’re packed with the following 10 immunity boosting foods to help keep you fighting fit, come rain or shine. Even better, combine them with a daily complex of vitamins and plant-based botanicals to boost your immune system naturally.

Foods That Boost Your Immune System


Leading the line with big-hitting benefits, this green health machine is packed with vitamin A, C and E, as well as important antioxidants, making broccoli one of the healthiest immune boosting foods to put on your plate.

Although delicious in a stir-fry, the secret is to cook this veg as little as possible to keep its nutrients intact – making steaming the best health-conscious cooking method.

Red Peppers

When we’ve got a cold, most of us turn to our trusty friend vitamin C to give our immune system a good boost. You might think citrus fruits are the way to go here, but these crunchy red peppers – found in all kinds of delicious dishes – contain 3 times as much vitamin C (127mg) as a fresh orange (45mg). They’re also a great source beta-carotene, which supports essential eye health.


This is the classic root that people turn to when they start to feel under the weather. Research has shown it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties due to gingerol – a phytochemical found in abundance within ginger.

A close relative of capsaicin, it’s the perfect remedy to ward off a sore throat as well as a whole bunch of other seasonal aches and pains.


Loaded with numerous antioxidants and beta-carotene, this leafy green helps increase our ability to fight infection. As with broccoli, the nutrients (it’s also full of vitamin C) are best retained when only cooked slightly, although a gentle wilting helps release oxalic acid and makes it easier for your body to absorb the vitamin A found in this curry favourite.


Found in every single cuisine on the planet, the vital flavour boost in nearly all of your favourite dishes is also a must for your healthy diet.

Used for centuries as both an ingredient and for its medicinal properties, garlic delivers many different health benefits including reduced heart disease and (the one you’re looking for) improved immune function – containing compounds called alliin which battles germs with a natural disease-fighting response.


With live and active cultures, certain types of natural yoghurt help to support the normal function of your immune system. Just be sure to choose plain versions where possible to avoid loading your diet with sugar. Instead, opt to sweeten yourself with fruits, honey, or date syrup – and keep an eye for options that include vitamin D to help give your body an extra boost.


Packed with vitamin E, they deliver powerful antioxidants to help support your body and are absolutely key to a healthy immune system.

You only need a half-cup serving of almonds to get 100% NRV of this essential vitamin – not forgetting that they’re also loaded with healthy fats – making this delicious nut the perfect immunity-boosting snack when you’re on the go.


An essential ingredient in many of your favourite curries, this spice has been used for thousands of years due to its medicinal properties.

It’s the high concentration of the active compound curcumin that delivers many scientifically proven health benefits – from powerful antioxidant effects to anti-inflammatory abilities – helping to speed up your recovery.

Green Tea

Both green and black teas are full of antioxidants, but green tea also boasts high levels of EGCG, with studies showing this compound enhances immune function. As black tea is fermented, much of this compound is removed, whereas green tea is steamed so retains its nutritional goodness. Plus, it gives you a little caffeine boost, too.

Looking for a more powerful source of caffeine? Cognifuel natural brain supplement drink is created with botanicals and green coffee beans to boost energy, focus, and build the essential immunity you’re looking for.


With surprisingly more vitamin C than an orange, this sweet, tangy fruit can fight off infection by boosting white blood cell count in the body. Loaded with other essentials nutrients such as folate, potassium and vitamin K, you definitely should be eating more of kiwi, so make sure you add it to your next shopping list.

Find Your Immune System Booster

We know that not all of the above will make into your meal plan. Some will set your taste buds tingling, others you’d rather pass on. But that’s okay, simply try to add as many of them to your diet as possible to start building essential immunity.

Struggling to get the levels you need from food? Choose a natural immunity boosting supplement such as Cognifuel. Using research-driven nutrition to deliver 22 essential vitamins and minerals and proven plant extracts to help you feel strong, both mentally and physically, it’s a quick and convenient way to give yourself a daily boost. It’ll save on the washing up, too!







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