Mood Supplement Capsules: Neubria Shine
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Mood Supplement Capsules: Neubria Shine

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Bringing the power of a positive mindset to every day. The supplement for natural mood enhancement.

Lives are busier than ever, and there can feel like there are days when there's a lot of day left at the end of our energy. You might reach for a coffee, which is a great short-term boost but tends to come with a crash a few hours later.

At Neubria, we set out to create an all-natural blend that would give us all daily sustainable energy levels crash-free. When you've got more energy, life tends to feel better as you get to do more of what you want and need to do.

Are you:

Wanting to feel good mentally, not just physically?

Feeling like some days you just feel a bit blue?

Looking to keep a positive mood going?

Some days it's easier to feel more positive than others.

In the recent Neubria research, less than half the people said their mood state was good. Let's face it, there are some days when most of us could do with a bit of a boost. None of us can know what our day will throw at us. Our best bet is to try and set ourselves up, mentally and emotionally, to shake off attempts to derail our mood.

A natural mood support supplement. 

A better-balanced mood.

Support to maintain a more positive mood.

A daily vitamin blend to support physical and mental health.

A vegan-friendly supplement.

It's hard to feel like the best version of yourself when you're feeling less than positive. If you're going to shine brightly from the inside out, you need to be able to feel like you've got a good handle on your stress and just feel a bit more positive. And sometimes, we all need a bit of help with that. 

In our recent survey, two out of five people admitted their mood was changeable, with one in ten saying it was low. You've only got to turn on the news to have even the best of moods put to the test. While science's understanding of mood is a bit vague, we all know what it feels like to be in a good or bad mood. 

If you're going to create the best natural mood supplement, you need an optimal blend of evidence-based extracts and the pick of the best natural mood enhancers. Our experts here at Neubria set out to create an all-natural blend to give us all a positive mood boost every day. The experts created the unique Bright Shine Botanical Complex and combined it with the multivitamins and minerals that best support mood and balance. 

To support better balance, mood, and cognitive performance, our experts focused their research on established ingredients with solid results on improvements in those areas. The unique blend in Shine is:

Bright Shine Botanical Complex

This is a powerful blend of established ingredients known for their action on mood and balance. It includes Turmeric, Rhodiola Rosea, Ashwagandha and Saffron. Our experts looked at trials from around the world on each of these and the benefits they have. It was then a case of finding the right blend of each one. 

Turmeric Extract (Curcumin)

The polyphenol extracted from this popular cooking spice has a multitude of benefits. Researchers found a single dose can improve your concentration and memory, and continuing to take it improves feelings of calmness and contentedness.  You don't need to be an expert to know that that's a step towards feeling good.

Rhodiola Rosea 

This has been used in traditional medicine, particularly in Northern Europe and Russia, for centuries to treat fatigue and depression. More recent scientific trials show it significantly reduces anxiety, stress and confusion, and improves overall mood for the people who took part.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

A well established Ayurvedic herb, practitioners use Ashwagandha in treatments for stress and ageing. Clinical and controlled trials have seen it improving things like levels of the stress hormone cortisol and how highly people score their quality of life. It's one of the must-haves in any mood supplement.

Saffron Extract

One of the most expensive extracts globally, our experts reviewed several trials around saffron's effect on mild depression and that feeling of being a bit low. The results have been very promising, particularly, as with this supplement, where it's combined with Rhodiola.


Widely prescribed in Europe as CDP choline, citicoline boosts levels of the feel-good hormone dopamine. Scientists are also studying its benefit on depression and forgetfulness.

Taking 2 Charge capsules a day with a meal will help you have a more positive mood and outlook.  

Supplements aren't short term answers, though, and aren't a replacement for a healthy, balanced approach to life. For most people, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks of taking Shine to get sustained improvements to their mood and energy. 

The other things we can all do to feel more balanced and positive include:

Get a good night's sleep - tomorrow's positive mood starts tonight. Sleep is arguably the most powerful tool in maintaining emotional balance. Getting the right amount of sleep helps complete the entire cycle of nocturnal processes that help your body and brain function at their best when you're awake. Between seven and nine hours is the recommended amount of sleep required by an adult for the mind and body to rest and function at their best. Resist the box set and stop the scrolling. Tomorrow, you'll be pleased you did.

Keep ourselves well hydrated – water plays a huge role in brain health and function. If we don't drink enough water, it can affect our concentration, memory, and learning ability. But also, the slightest amount of dehydration can have a negative impact on our mood. Good things to drink include water and unsweetened herbal or green tea. Both caffeine and alcohol are dehydrating and can affect our sleep patterns, impacting our mood, amongst other things. Too much alcohol can also reduce your store of B vitamins, which can lead to a low mood. About two litres of water a day is a good target to aim for.

Get stress under control – it's hard to feel positive and optimistic when we're feeling stressed. Our levels of hormones such as cortisol remain consistently high when we're feeling stressed. These heightened levels of hormones produced as part of our flight or fight response contribute to mood swings and anxiety, poor concentration and memory problems. No wonder we feel less than positive! Mind and body techniques such as meditation, or relaxation techniques like progressive muscle relaxation, have all been shown to help reduce stress levels. You just need to find one that works for you.

Get active – exercise is not just about our physical health but mental health too. Some scientists think we get a greater sense of self-esteem, self-control and the ability to rise to a challenge when we're physically active. There's evidence it can improve our mental wellbeing and reduce anxiety. It doesn't matter what the activity is. You don't have to be an ultra-marathon weekend warrior. Dancing like mad to your favourite playlist will do the trick too. 

Get our diet in shape – the food we eat plays an integral part in top to toe health and wellness. The Association of British Dieticians recommends fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to boost our mood and energy levels. Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as the omega 3 oils found in oily fish, or a supplement like Krill Oil, are important for brain health. Fuelling our bodies and minds with the best real food has to be a good daily target.

Reducing unhelpful foods – no one wants to demonise one food over another, but some foods have a more positive effect than others. Eating lots of simple carbs, such as white bread or white pasta, can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Glucose levels then drop rapidly, which can make you feel tired and irritable. Likewise, fast food and processed convenience food can feel good in the short term but can deplete your vitamin and mineral levels, with a potential impact on your mood. 

Manage our time – we're probably all guilty of trying to cram too much in or flitting between tasks on our to-do list. Some days it feels like we don't achieve much, and that doesn't feel good. Looming deadlines can be stressful if we're not organised. If we plan and use our time more productively, then that helps to reduce stress. Less stress tends to mean a better mood. 

Just breathe – taking a moment for ourselves, even just to have a few really good, deep breaths, can have an immediate positive effect on how we're feeling. Deep breathing is one of our most powerful tools to help reduce anxiety and stress and is simple and quick to incorporate into our day. When we take shorter, shallower breaths, it can cause us to feel anxious and impact our energy. A few simple breathing exercises done throughout the day can be a real boost to your mood.

Write it out – sometimes, you just need to vent! It might feel like a negative thing, but writing down your thoughts is a proven practice for working through your feelings and reflections on the day. Rather than letting things build up, getting them down on paper can help you to move on. Keeping a journal is a great way to release your frustration and reflect on the things that have gone well in your day.

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Liene Engere

Feelings very good 👌

Tammi Cummings
Like a good cup of coffee without side effects

No discernible side effects, just a feeling of being alert and feeling ‘ready to go’ . I liked this product and will buy again

Emma Olsen
Mood booster

Great product and service

Shine Brighter

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What The Experts Say

Neubria Shine contains Vitamin D, which helps maintain cognitive function and has been suggested to improve mood.

Dr. Stephen Lagocki

Medical Doctor

Among the key ingredients of Shine are Rhodiola and Magnesium, to help with symptoms of stress and support normal psychological function.

Dr. Julia Gottwald