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How Do Sleep Supplements Work? How to Hack Your Sleep

How Do Sleep Supplements Work? How to Hack Your Sleep

Many people struggle with sleep but there are many ways you can take control of this aspect of your life. It’s all about overcoming stress and anxiety so that you’re able to soundly drift away. A healthy and natural lifestyle enables this but there is one thing that can give you an extra boost: sleep supplements. 

These natural sleep aids are a great way to gently nudge your body towards a healthier sleep cycle. If you’ve never tried them or just want to learn more, here’s how to hack your sleep with the help of sleep supplements. Learn what they contain and how they help you achieve better sleep.

What’s the Point of Sleep Supplements?

We’re facing a sleep crisis today that society is struggling to get a grip of. 70% of people report struggling to sleep and our non-stop high-stress lifestyles only exacerbate this. We’ve lost touch with our natural circadian rhythms that help us fall asleep and wake up with regularity.

There are many reasons for this. There’s the influence of technology, including the blue light from screens, long working hours, the constant stream of information coming from busy cities and social media newsfeeds, our failure to spend time in nature, and the effect of caffeine and alcohol - to name just a few.

These can be remedied with exercise, meditation, and a balanced diet. However, sometimes it’s too hard to retrain ourselves to live perfectly healthy lives. We can’t all just quit our jobs, throw away our laptops, and live like Buddhist monks.

While trying to live a healthy lifestyle, you can give yourself a little help by taking natural sleep supplements. These help to bring your body into alignment with your natural sleep cycles, without resorting to damaging and addictive prescription medication. Sleep supplements are a natural, safe, and convenient way to give your sleep a little boost.

What do Sleep Supplements Contain?

Sleep supplements concentrate ingredients found in nature that are known to enable and enhance sleep. They can contain various different substances to achieve slightly different effects. These substances can also be found in varying quantities.

It’s important to research the ingredients of any supplement carefully. You need to be sure that it contains what you’re looking for. Maybe you just want something mild to induce calm late at night. Or perhaps you need something more potent that’s capable of overcoming extreme insomnia.

Here are some of the contents you may find in sleep supplements and what each ingredient is used for:

  • Melatonin: this is the main hormone used to regulate your natural sleep cycle. It’s produced naturally by the brain. If this is lacking, such as when you’re jetlagged or simply not tired, a supplement can increase its prevalence in your system.
  • Valerian: a herbal medicine, this substance has been shown to ease insomnia, though it’s not fully understood why. It’s particularly effective at easing muscle pain or headaches that may be interfering with sleep.
  • Lavender: its distinctive scent is instantly calming, which is why it’s often used to induce sleep. Beyond this, though, lavender can increase blood circulation, improve breathing, and disinfect your skin, allowing for a more comfortable night.
  • Hops: a core ingredient in beer, hops is great at lowering your cortisol levels and decrease irritability. The alcohol in beer is a sleep inhibitor but the hops is a sleep enhancer.
  • Lemon Balm: anxiety is a huge cause of insomnia but lemon balm helps induce calm. This clears the mind, helping you drift off more quickly.
  • Chamomile: this ancient remedy has been used for thousands of years to promote relaxation. Anyone who’s drunk chamomile tea knows exactly how effective it can be but taking in a supplement may work even better.
  • Vitamin D: Many people struggle to get enough vitamin D, especially in winter. This can lead to heightened depression and anxiety. By taking vitamin D in your sleep supplements, you’ll feel happier and more relaxed, reducing the chances of negative and intrusive thoughts keeping you awake.

How do Sleep Supplements Work?

Sleep supplements exist to counter-balance the inhibitors to sleep. The main causes of sleep deprivation are stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.

In the UK, 85% of adults suffer from stress. This sends cortisol levels soaring, increasing blood pressure and filling your body with fight-or-flight energy. Bringing these stress levels down with sleep supplements can help you relax at night.

It’s also hard to sleep when you’re anxious. If you’re constantly thinking about everything that could go wrong, it’s almost impossible to drop off. That’s why sleep supplements often focus on being relaxing. This puts your brain in the mental state to shut off for a solid eight hours.

Finally, sleep supplements often contain anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce aches and pains so that they’re not keeping you up at night. When you’ve beaten stress, anxiety, and pain, you’re in a good position to sleep soundly.

Our Solution: Neubria DRIFT

Now that you understand the power of sleep supplements, including what they contain and how they work, you’re probably looking for a solution. At Neubria, we’ve created a sleep supplement that builds on the principles listed above.

Neubria DRIFT is a vegan-friendly botanical sleep aid that’s designed to induce the deepest sleep ever. It contains:

  • Lemon balm: to calm anxious thoughts and ease the pain of indigestion. Perfect if your diet is lacking or you’ve eaten too much before bedtime.
  • Hops: to complement the lemon balm by soothing the nervous system after a stressful day.
  • Chamomile: an ancient way to induce relaxation so you can feel calm and happy.
  • Saffron: to encourage a positive mood and restore your emotional balance.
  • Magnesium: to help you reduce fatigue as you sleep, allowing you to wake up bursting with energy.
  • Tryptophan: a precursor of melatonin, the hormone needed to help you drop off quickly.
  • Vitamin D: to increase happiness and further stimulate the production of melatonin, increasing the potency of this supplement.
  • Folic Acid: a B vitamin that counteracts the oxidative stress which shortens DNA telomere tails, damages cells, and disturbs sleep.

This supplement is designed to optimise your sleep quality and give you the best rest ever. It should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle, centred around healthy eating, exercise, and positive mental health habits. The supplement alone won’t be enough to help you achieve perfect sleep. It can, though, give your body the boost it needs to overcome stress and anxiety and settle into a deep, restful sleep.

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