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What is Brain Nutrition?

What is Brain Nutrition?

Good days or bad days, stellar performance or mediocre, it all starts in our brains. In a similar way to athletes optimising their diet to fuel their muscles, we need the right nutritional power to help our brains perform at their best. In fact, despite the brain only making up 2% of your body weight, it accounts for around 20% of the total energy consumed. If you’re looking to improve your cognitive function and boost your mind, brain nutrition may be perfect for you. We have a wide variety of supplements that could have a significant impact on your brain, but what exactly is brain nutrition, why does it matter and does the science back it up?

What is brain nutrition?

Brain-focused nutrition is a method of consuming a variety of nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for smooth cognitive function. There are many vitamins and minerals that can help with a healthy brain function, including B vitamins, magnesium and omega-3. Our supplements combine a range of these compounds and group them into distinct benefits, such as help with sleep or mood. These nutritional brain supplements are also super easy to take and only require a daily dose at the start of the day. However, it’s worth noting that consistency is crucial if you want to feel the full effects.

Why is it important?

Studies have shown that there’s no doubt that nutrition can have a huge impact on the performance of the brain. Whether you’re looking to optimise your performance levels or lower your anxiety, brain nutrition can have a significant impact on how your brain operates. With no side effects, nootropic supplements such as our Cognifuel® Think Drink and Mental Focus could provide you with the helping hand your brain needs to function at its best. Vitamin supplements may help you boost your brain and improve cognitive function in a variety of ways.

Does brain nutrition work?

There’s no shortage of studies emphasising the benefits of specific nutrients and vitamins on the performance and health of your brain. From B vitamins to Atlantic krill oil, a vast variety of minerals out there have been proven to boost your brain health. Even so, these beneficial impacts don’t arrive by taking a supplement every few days. So if you want to experience the full effects of our supplements, consistently taking them over a long period of time will give you the best chance.

Which supplements are best for brain health?

All of our supplements can have an impact on your cognitive performance and general brain health. For instance, our Cognifuel Think Drink is an all-natural 22 vitamin and mineral blend that includes B vitamins, ashwagandha and ginseng to give your cognition an energising reset. If you’re looking to ease yourself to sleep, our Drift capsules are the perfect choice for you. Moreover, our omega-3 capsules use krill oil fresh from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to supply your brain with high levels of EPA and DHA and enhanced cognitive ability. They're sustainably sourced too. 

Ultimately, all of us are trying to do the best we can every day. When it comes to eating for health, it might feel like brain health is another complication and a source of extra stress. We’re not here to add more pressure or things to do into your day. We’re about giving you the tools you need to make your brain feel brighter and sharper, allowing you to get more out of life, today and every day. 

Our goal is and always has been to put brain health in easier reach for all of us. Whichever Neubria supplement you take, our aim is to cover your both brain needs and body needs. Our comprehensive, balanced blends mean you can say goodbye to taking a cocktail of confusing single-ingredient supplements. You’ll find Neubria guidance is clear, tailored to your needs, and focused on optimising brain health to help you improve all areas of your life. So whether you’re looking to get more sleep or dampen your anxiety, take a look through our collection today.

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