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Premium Quality

At Neubria we take product quality and safety seriously. We are a trusted supplier of safe, efficacious and premium quality products. We have formulated our innovative range of brain health supplements with the following rationale:

Meeting Current Legislation

Neubria is committed to market only those ingredients which have demonstrable legitimacy in the relevant jurisdictions. Please visit our Bright Mind Labs section and review our research.


Ingredient Safety

Ingredients will only be included that have approved food ingredient status in the EU and are Generally Recognised As Safe in the US (FDA approved GRAS status). Additionally, where guidance is given on maximum inclusion levels, we have adhered to these guidelines.


Ingredient Efficacy

The dosage of each individual ingredient included in the product is designed to give optimal effectiveness within the limitations of the delivery system. Wherever possible ingredients have been included in their most bioavailable or body-ready forms.


Ingredient Compatibility

Using combinations of oil soluble and water-soluble ingredients can lead to compromises in formulation as unnecessary additives are required to deliver a robust delivery system. Neubria products avoid this issue.


Current Research

Products are formulated in accordance with the above criteria, taking into the most recent relevant research and updated to reflect this.


New Product Development

New products will be developed based upon these criteria that meet the unmet needs of specific groups of consumers, based upon the best available science.


Superior Manufacturing

All Neubria products are in line with the Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Authority guidelines.


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