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Build Your Emotional Resilience With Feelmo

Build Your Emotional Resilience With Feelmo

Everyone experiences a range of emotions. Some of them are pleasant and others not so much, and unfortunately none of them come with an instruction manual. Most of us weren't taught how to deal with our emotions as children, and even when we learn about it as adults it tends to be once we've been struggling for a long time.

This is why the Feelmo app exists; to provide the support and guidance people need to better identify, understand and manage their emotions.


Whether you're anxious, stressed, or depressed; increasing your emotional awareness is the first step to feeling better. Feelmo's emotions explorer allows you to identify your precise feelings, which is an activity known to reduce the intensity of an emotion and help you communicate them better.


While it doesn't always feel like it, emotions are neither good nor bad, and from an evolutionary perspective they are vital signals that help us survive. Feelmo helps you discover the messages your emotions are trying to send by asking a selection of reflect questions. With a deeper understanding on how you process your emotions, what triggers them and the coping mechanisms that work for you, you can better overcome and adapt to unpleasant emotions and situations.


Rounding out this 3-step process, Feelmo provides an article, self-care message or technique to help you regulate your emotions. Some situations may require you to take action, reevaluate your perspective or distract yourself enough to calm down, and it's up to you to decide how to respond.

As you practise building your emotional awareness and regulation skills, either with or without Feelmo, the more resilient you'll become against unpleasant emotions and the better you'll feel.

Take control of your emotional wellbeing and download Feelmo today. You can find it here in the app store. 

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