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What Vitamins Are Good for Anxiety?

What Vitamins Are Good for Anxiety?

Everyone feels stressed or anxious at one point or another. After all - we’re only human. It could be financial worries, a relationship that's leaving your stomach in knots or even pressures at work. Anxiety comes in many different forms, with symptoms including a tightening of the chest, panic attacks, persistent negative thoughts and restlessness. Unfortunately, thanks to the busy, hyper-connected lives we all live, anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. While anxiety can be debilitating and difficult to deal with, putting on a brave face is not the solution. Remember - it's OK, not be OK.  

While there is no direct cure for anxiety, there are many ways to manage symptoms and find more peace in your daily life. If you live with anxiety, one measure you can take to reduce your symptoms is to include supplements (such as our Neubria Shine Supplements) and vitamins for anxiety in your diet. Here are the best vitamins for your anxiety:

B vitamins

From vitamin B-1 to B-12, there are eight variations of vitamin B that can work symbiotically to help you with your anxiety. In fact, a study from 2017 discovered that those with lower amounts of vitamin B-12 in their bodies had a higher chance of experiencing depression or anxiety. Another study in 2018 found that those who ate foods with high vitamin B content (such as yeast-based spreads) experienced lower levels of stress and anxiety than those who didn’t. Let’s face it, though - nobody likes those stodgy yeast-based spreads. If you’re worried you’re not getting enough B vitamins, our all-in-one Cognifuel® Think Drink is the perfect solution - supplying you with a multi-vitamin complex that can help combat some of the symptoms of anxiety. For those who drink coffee for that morning, pick me up; the imminent crash and jitters are inevitably going to make your anxiety worse. While this Think Drink does contain caffeine, we’ve also included adaptogens that result in a sustained release of energy. That means you’re getting a de-stressing energy boost without the jittery feeling afterwards.

Vitamin C

Along with giving your immune system a big boost (and we all know how important that is these days), vitamin C can assist you in your fight against anxiety. Those with vitamin C deficiency often feel fatigued and potentially have mild forms of depression. The evidence backs this up too, with a study from 2018 finding that ‘vitamin C reduced anxiety levels and led to higher plasma vitamin C concentration compared to the placebo.’ So how can you add vitamin C into your diet? Citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits, are fantastic sources of the vitamin, while potatoes and broccoli are rich in vitamin C too. Again, you can also find vitamin C, along with other vitamins and minerals, in our Cognifuel® Think Drink.

Vitamin D

As one of the essential nutrients for your body, vitamin D promises some brilliant health benefits. Vitamin D is often seen as the ‘feel-good’ vitamin and is made by the body when sunlight hits your skin. Unfortunately, despite our ability to get Vitamin D from the sun and food, deficiency is alarmingly high in the UK due to the pandemic. However, the research is clear about the link between anxiety and depression and vitamin D deficiency, so it’s essential you’re getting the correct daily dose. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, this should be even more of a priority, as few plant foods contain sufficient amounts of vitamin D. On top of this, there are a variety of factors that can have an impact on the ability of your skin to create vitamin D, including air pollution, seasonal changes and the time of day. Most of our vegan supplements can provide you with an easy and quick dose of vitamin D to help fill any nutritional gaps. In fact, many dermatologists actually recommend getting vitamin D from food and supplements, as opposed to the sun, due to the risks the sun’s rays can pose to your skin.

Getting your regular intake of vitamins is vital if you want to reduce the sometimes debilitating symptoms of anxiety - putting up a stiff upper lip is not the solution. Our vitamin supplements are the perfect way to help lower the effects and provide you with a foundation to improve your mental health. The Neubria Shine Supplements could help you move on from anxiety and give your mood a big lift alongside regular exercise and a balanced diet.

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