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Our Founder and CEO

Jonny Kennedy

Neubria was founded by ex-professional rugby player, Jonny Kennedy. Jonny started his career as a professional rugby player at Sale Sharks, competing for England school boys (U16’s and U18’s) and Scotland U20’s. At the age of just 21, Jonny was forced to retire after suffering from several successive concussions ...

As a boy, I dreamt of becoming a professional rugby player. And I made it. But at the age of 21, I was forced to retire after sustaining several concussions.

This wasn't an easy time for me; rugby was all I knew, and after years of hard work, I had nothing left but shattered dreams. Since my career started, sports supplements were a regular part of my routine, but these only fuelled my body. And whilst the body needs regular nutrition and exercise, so does the mind, and there's a crucial balance between the two ... something I always felt was lacking.

Meeting Mike Wakeman was the turning point, and with his help I discovered that certain combinations of plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and active micronutrients could provide the physical and mental health benefits that I had been looking for.

In 2018, after a lot of hard work, sweat ( and some tears! ) – Neubria was born and we set out on our mission to improve not just our customer’s physical health but their mental health too.

Because only when the mind and body work in synergy can we handle whatever life throws at us.

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