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I take Neubria Charge before every game. I feel a consistent level of energy for the full 80 mins. Now, I don’t play without it.

Hamish Watson

Pro Athlete, Scotland Rugby International


I use Charge which helps when I have an endless list of things to do and a child to look after when running on no sleep. It's amazing!

Naomi Millbank-Smith

Mother & Model


I’ve been using Edge and Charge. Edge has helped with my focus, my alertness, my vision… the list goes on. Thank you Neubria.

Michael Kurylo

Pro Esports Athlete


Cognifuel tastes great! It gave me a boost but I didn't get the crash like I usually do with coffee. I'll be making the switch from here on.


The man behind Neubria

Jonny Kennedy

Being forced to retire from professional rugby at 21 was not my plan, but it happens. So, the real question is, what do you do next when one plan hits the dust?

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Our Values

Nature into Nutrition

Neubria supplements come from our unique efficacious blends of natural ingredients that have been used across the world for 1000’s of years.

Science into Action

Combining age-old ingredients with research from institutes worldwide,
our team of experts are always working to improve our understanding of brain-focused nutrition, so we can put that into products and advice that's simple to incorporate into our day to day lives.

Challenges into Solutions

We're not here to add more pressure or things to do into your day; we're about giving you the tools to make your mind feel brighter and sharper, allowing you to get more out of life today and every day.

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