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Every plant-based ingredient, every active extract, every boosting botanical, every scientifically proven vitamin. From reviewing the latest studies and trials to searching the globe for the highest purity, potency and quality possible – we harness the true power of nature across our entire wellness range. 

Dedicated to research-driven nutrition, it’s our mission to power your way of living. From brain to bounce, discover the benefits found within each of our formulations by selecting an all-natural inclusion below.

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Clinically Proven Ingredients

Whether you're looking to enhance your focus with Bacopa Monnieri and Rhodiola or improve your sleep quality with Saffron and Lemon Balm, our formulas all include bespoke blends to support your individual goals.


Used to complement other natural sleep aids such as lemon balm, this plant extract offers a soothing effect for our nervous system – helping the body enter a state of calm following a long day of stimulation, which is essential for promoting quality sleep.


One of the world’s most expensive plants, it was proven to promote relaxation, a positive mood, and maintains emotional balance, making it essential when used with other natural sleep aids or as part of a regular sleep supplement.


Herbaceous plant used widely for thousands of years as part of natural sleep remedies. Many recent studies have found it can significantly promote relaxation and physical and mental wellbeing – a key component of improved sleep quality. 

Cocoa Extract

Scientifically proven to boost concentration and improve alertness, it’s the most widely used nootropic in the world, and included in most focus supplements for good reason. Even the European Food Safety Authority have given it their stamp of approval.


Cultivated widely across Europe, clinical trials have shown the sage leaf can maintain good cognitive and memory function, as well as supporting concentration – enhancing overall brain performance for individuals who supplement regularly. 

Maca Root Extract

Known as the Peruvian ginseng, and boasting a number of essential energy vitamins, this proven root helps support physical and mental performance, including helping maintain essential levels of stamina – a must for any all-natural energy supplement.

Ginkgo Bilboa

Boasting high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, this plant extract contains powerful antioxidants to naturally boost brain health – delivering an enhancement of cognitive performance, as well as maintaining and preserving cognitive function usually impacted by age.

Bacopa Monnieri

A vital focus supplement ingredient used for thousands of years in Ayuvedic medicine preparations to strengthen life, brain and mind, scientists have since proven it to be a highly effective extract that has a nootropic effect on improving attention, speed of learning and memory.

Blueberry Extract

High in important nutrients, low in calories and rich in anthocyanins, these mind-boosting berries offer a natural defence against free radicals.

Ginseng Blend

Supporting the other forms of ginseng in our formulation, which help to maintain good cognitive performance, this powerful energy-boosting root produces significant improvements to reaction times and calmness.

Guarana Extract

Offering an all-natural alternative to caffeine, get energy supplement alertness without the side effects. No crash or jitters, just a powerful plant extract proven to help sustain physical and mental vitality.

French Maritime Bark Extract

French maritime pine bark extract has been used as a supplement in several clinical and non-clinical conditions and has demonstrated a high level of safety, very good tolerability and a strong activity in controlling free radicals, oxidative stress, microcirculatory alterations, oedema and different levels and causes of inflammation.

Rosemary Extract

Supported by extensive research, this herb is packed with naturally occurring antioxidants – helping protect your body from free radicals which cause cell damage and oxidative stress.


Not used supplements to focus before? Ashwagandha is a broad-spectrum botanical that contributes to brain health performance – and an absolute must. It supports optimal mental and cognitive activity, as well as maintaining stamina and energy levels.


This spicy root-like subterranean stem contains bioactive compounds called curcuminoids. Proven to have medicinal properties, it boasts natural anti-inflammatory benefits, as well offering essential support to our nervous system.

Lemon Balm Extract

Calming herb with a long history of being used to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, as well as ease pain and discomfort caused by indigestion – offering a natural answer for individuals who suffer as a result of poor eating habits and issues drifting off after a large meal.

Rhodiola Rosea

Studied across several trials to evaluate mental performance benefits, this focus supplement essential was proven to improve important blood circulation to the brain, contributing to optimal mental and cognitive activity.


One of the brain’s major building blocks, omega-3 fatty acids are critical for optimal brain function, and healthy eyes and heart – delivering higher bioavailability than standard omega-3 fish oil and essential EPA and DHA dosage, for the most effective level of support.