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Is Gingko Biloba The Ultimate Memory Supplement?

Is Gingko Biloba The Ultimate Memory Supplement?

How Does Gingko Biloba Boost Memory and Support Long-Term Brain Health?

The ginkgo biloba tree has existed for over 270 million years, and records suggest it was the first tree to recover from the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. And it's smart – very smart; the plant's incredible DNA means it's capable of producing new chemicals that deter insects from eating its leaves while creating others that attract the pests' enemies. Fortunately, ginkgo biloba extract isn't poisonous to human beings, and science continues to reveal the benefits when used as a memory supplement. 

Ginkgo Biloba & The Brain – How Does It Work?

Ginkgo leaf extracts contain ginkgolides and bilobalides, which scientists have identified as having significant bioactive effects on the body and brain. Consequently, ginkgo biloba has long been considered one of the most effective nootropic brain nutrients, memory enhancers and brain health supplements aiding mental performance and clarity. Indeed, it's become the focus of research that concerns both boosting short-term memory and cognition and potentially protecting against and treating conditions such as Alzheimer's disease.

The nutrient is known to exert several potentially beneficial actions when taken as a supplement:

  1. Blood Flow: improves blood circulation in the brain, including microcirculation in small capillaries.
  2. Brain Protection: protects neurons and nerve cells from oxidative damage by neutralising free radicals.
  3. Protects Nerve Cells: blocks blood clotting issues related to nervous system disorders.
  4. Neurotransmission: boosts brain chemical signalling.
  5. Detoxification: protects again heavy metal toxicity.
Ginkgo Science – Why A Memory Supplement?

While ginkgo biloba is known to exert significant effects on the body and brain – the real question is, 'does it really boost memory and offer benefits to your mind?’ Research into ginkgo continues to try and pin-point the exact benefits of the plant – but numerous clinical studies highlight the nutrient as having both short-term and long-term benefits as a brain supplement...

Short-term memory boost

Supplementing with ginkgo biloba has been found to improve short-term memory in healthy adults significantly and has also been shown to be effective when combined with other cognitive nutrients. This highlights the benefits of taking a broad-spectrum ginkgo supplement such as Spark when looking to improve focus and attention or Shine – if you need a positive, all-natural mood enhancer. The nutrient can help with daily mental performance and thus support goal achievement helping you show up and be your best.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s treatment

Ginkgo biloba has a big reputation as a useful supplement to take for long-term anti-ageing benefits when it comes to the mind – something backed-up by several studies. This includes a meta-analysis, which looked at more than 2,300 people with mental decline and reported that ginkgo biloba extract was a safe and effective form of treatment for those with dementia.

Similarly, an extensive study into Alzheimer's and vascular dementia, concluded that the supplement reduced the disease's symptoms and enhanced cognitive function and mood. In some studies, Ginkgo has also been found to compare well with drugs for degenerative mental diseases. However, anyone suffering from serious mental decline or a specific disease should always discuss their options with a qualified expert rather than self-medicating with brain supplements.

Mood and stress management

Some ginkgo studies have hinted at the nutrient's potential to boost levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine – both of which tend to be low when suffering from mood disturbances and depression. Ginkgo may also help neutralise stress by lowering levels of cortisol.

Is this something you struggle with? You might need an extra boost of natural botanicals. Check out Neubria Shine supplements – our natural mood enhancer created to restore your body's balance and deliver a natural feel-good factor no matter how busy your schedule is.

Get The Most From Ginkgo Memory Supplements

The number of experts recommending ginkgo biloba, and using it as a brain supplement, highlights its reputation as an effective brain booster. Indeed, recent figures from American researchers suggest that around 1.6 million people take Ginkgo biloba (approximately 0.7% of the population). In Germany, it's been reported that doctors process over five million prescriptions for the supplement annually.

However, to experience benefits, it's necessary to ensure you're consuming high strength ginkgo extract at an effective daily dosage. Furthermore, combining ginkgo with other proven cognitive nutrients offers a broader spectrum of benefits for focus, memory and mental performance. And you can go a step further by using a ginkgo-packed memory supplement such as the Spark supplement– supporting your everyday brain health and helping power important cognitive function.

To echo the words of 93-year-old Koji Nakanishi, who swears by the benefits of gingko biloba: “The ginkgo tree is from the era of dinosaurs, but while the dinosaur has been extinguished, the modern ginkgo has not changed. After the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, the ginkgo was the first tree that came up. It’s amazing.”


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