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Sugar and the Brain: An Important Partnership

Sugar and the Brain: An Important Partnership

Sugar is bad for you, right? Well, not exactly. It’s not that simple. The truth is that many of the world’s healthiest foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are packed with sugar. In fact, sugar is an essential nutrient for your mind and body. That’s why you’ll find it in our brain-boosting supplement, Cognifuel. It may seem surprising, but even the healthiest nootropics will often contain this ingredient. It’s important to understand why that is.

Consuming the right kind of sugar in the right amounts will help you to optimise your cognitive performance. Find out more about sugar and the brain, including why this is a partnership worth strengthening.

What’s the Connection Between Sugar and the Brain?

Despite the scare stories around the harm that sugar can do, the truth is that your body needs it. Every cell in your body is dependent on a supply of sugar as a source of energy. One particular type of sugar - glucose - is your main source of fuel.

One part of your body needs more fuel than any other: the brain. In the adult brain, neurons have the highest energy demand, requiring continuous delivery of glucose from blood. In humans, the brain accounts for 2% of body weight, but it consumes 20% of glucose-derived energy, making it the main consumer of glucose. Every thought, memory, and perception you have requires a huge amount of energy.

Did you know that your brain uses half of all the sugar you consume? 50% keeps your muscles moving, and the other 50% goes towards your mental faculties. Without it, it can be difficult to focus. If you’re feeling fatigued or distracted, then a sugar deficiency may be the reason.

When your blood lacks glucose, your brain doesn’t get the fuel it needs to function. This can lead to hypoglycemia, a symptom of diabetes that results in poor cognitive performance. That’s why, despite what you might have been told, getting plenty of sugar is essential. However, you have to make sure you’re getting your glucose from the right sources.

What is Cognifuel?

One of the best ways to get enough sugar into your brain is to take supplements. These have been specifically created to help you overcome mental fatigue and achieve greater levels of focus. To help you in this endeavour, we created Cognifuel: a natural blend that aids cognitive function.

Cognifuel is a kind of nootropic, meaning that’s it’s been designed to enhance your mental faculties. It comes in the form of a juicy drink that is tasty and easy to consume. This is designed for healthy individuals looking for a boost to their memory, focus, and overall cognition.

It’s also a useful tool for anyone struggling with distraction, mental fatigue, and stress. It’s packed with 22 vitamins and minerals along with natural caffeine and botanicals. It’s a carefully curated blend that gives your brain the best chance of achieving its potential.

Moreover, Cognifuel has benefits for your body. These vitamins also send energy to your muscles, reduce inflammation, and give your immune system a boost. This will leave your body feeling healthy and energised.

With that in mind, though, you might be surprised to learn that Cognifuel contains sugar. With everyone scrambling for sugar-free sodas, why does this particular health drink choose to include it?

Why Does Cognifuel Contain Sugar?

Cognifuel is designed from the ground up to give your brain a boost. As noted above, though, the brain cannot function properly without sugar. It’s the fuel that gets your neurons firing and working properly. When you’re deprived of it, your cognition can feel fuzzy, as if you’re too tired to focus.

That’s why we don’t agree with the myth that sugar is bad for you. We understand its function for the body and, in particular, for the brain. Yes, there are clear health risks related to sugar, which we’ll go into below. However, it’s also important to understand its role in ensuring the proper functioning of your brain.

As health specialists, we’ve made sure to include only the best form of sugar. It’s sugar that’s added to foods that causes negative health effects. However, raw cane sugar, along with the natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables offer pure forms of glucose that your brain needs to operate efficiently.

Furthermore, these kinds of sugars come packed with other essential nutrients that offset many of the health risks associated with sugar. Sugar and the brain can be best friends. You just need to give it the right kind of energy. Cognifuel uses these good sugar sources while cutting out the empty calories that you’ll find in a can of cola.

The Risks of Overconsumption of Sugar

It’s important to note the reasons for sugar’s terrible reputation. The risks are well-documented. If you’re consuming more than 10% of your calories from added sugar, then your risk of obesity is significantly higher. This, in turn, can increase your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. These are major health problems in modern societies and sugary foods are the main culprits.

Furthermore, overconsumption of sugar is linked to skin conditions like acne and may even cause your cells to age more quickly, making you look older. Reducing your sugar intake can, therefore, make you look younger.

These health consequences have understandably led many to want to cut as much sugar out of their diet as possible. However, it’s important to remember that this relates to added sugar as opposed to naturally occurring glucose. Added sugar causes a spike in insulin followed by a crash, leaving you lethargic. Natural sugar, as found in fruits and vegetables, offer sustained energy and mental clarity.

Sugar and the brain is an important partnership. The former is crucial for the survival and performance of the latter. When you see sugar listed as an ingredient in a supplement like Cognifuel, it’s important to understand why this is included. Once you do, you’ll be better equipped to ensure you consume the right amount of it. The right kind of sugar is your key to mental clarity and improved cognitive performance.

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