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Who we are ...

Neubria, a health supplement brand, was founded in 2018 with the belief that the mind AND body are inextricably linked.

We aim to create products for people who want a holistic and all-inclusive approach to wellbeing.

Our approach differs from others within the industry as our products are scientifically proven to target physical needs but also mental and emotional needs.

Our secret ...

it's all about synergy!

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Firstly we determine the doses of vitamins and minerals that are needed to deliver optimal wellbeing.

  • Powerful Plant Extracts

    from our extensive plant and botanical database, we identify plant extracts that work synergistically to deliver superior results

  • Active Micronutrients

    Finally we select the most appropriate supplement ingredients and include them at effective levels.

We call this ...


Synology is the combination of science and nature. Our product targets multiple pathways in the mind AND body.

The unique combination of scientifically proven ingredients provides superior benefits for mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Where it all began ...

the synergy of two minds!

  • Jonny Kennedy

    Jonny, and ex professional rugby player founded Neubria in 2018 after being forced to retire from the game after suffering a series of head injuries.

  • Mike Wakeman

    Mike is a pharmacist and healthcare specialist who's extensive experience in natural products and botanicals lead to the creation of the range of Neubria products.