meet the


Head of Science and Innovation

Mike Wakeman

MSc, MSc, MSc, MA, BScPharm.

Mike is a pharmacist and healthcare specialist with 30 years experience in the natural products industry. Mike holds a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Analysis, Nutritional Medicine and Clinical Oncology.

"Firstly, we determine the doses of vitamins and minerals that are needed to deliver optimal wellbeing.

Then we select the most appropriate supplement ingredients and include them at effective levels. And finally, from our extensive plant and botanical database, which has taken many years of academic research to compile, we identify the types of compounds they contain to best support the extensive benefits we are seeking to deliver

This is all supported by a detailed understanding of the way in which these ingredients can work synergistically together to deliver the most comprehensive solution for the multiple needs of the individual".

our scientific

advisory board

  • Dr. Julia Gottwald

    is a Neuroscientist and A PhD graduate from the University of Cambridge in the Department of Psychiatry. She has a strong interest in interdisciplinary research and holds academic degrees in Biochemistry and Neuroscience.

  • Prof. David Nieman

    is Director of Human Performance and a Professor at the College of Health Sciences at Appalachian State University and Director of the Human Performance Lab at the North Carolina Research Campus (NCRC). David is a pioneer in the research area of exercise immunology.